The creator of the BMW X6 and the new style of Haval stumbled in Kia and left for Citroën

The creator of the BMW X6 and the new style of Haval stumbled in Kia and left for Citroën

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Pierre Leclerc became the star of the world’s auto design, when he worked in BMW (from 2000 to 2013): he was responsible for the exterior of the crossovers X5 and X6, managed to work with the brands Rolls-Royce and Mini, as well as sports cars BMW M series. Prior to this, the graduate the Californian design college in Pasadena (graduated in 1998) was recruited from the experience of the body atelier Zagato and Ghia (owned by Ford).

In 2013 Leclerc lured the Chinese company Great Wall Motors from the Bavarians, where he was asked to paint what is best obtained – crossovers, including the daughter brands Haval and Wey. It was thanks to the Belgian that the Chinese SUVs gained a noble bearing and achieved great success in their homeland, and that they sometimes resemble BMW, Chinese consumers see only pluses.

Last September, Leclerc moved to Kia, where he had to deal with the long-term style development strategy of the entire model line, but, contrary to expectations, the cooperation turned out to be short-lived: Citroën press service yesterday reported that the 46-year-old Belgian will work with them from November 1, in the post of chief designer.

What exactly caused Leclerc to leave the Korean company so quickly is unknown. If he managed to do something significant in it, we will find out about this only in a year or two – these are the modern laws of design: the design of new models is approved at an early stage, a couple of years before the start of production, after which constructors start to work hard , testers and technologists.

Note that the company Hyundai, which Kia belongs to since 1998, has been trying to distance two Korean brands from each other for twenty years and is changing for the sake of this designers, but the desired result is not yet – mass models Hyundai and Kia still compete with each other, that do not like Korean managers very much.

How will Leclerc affect the appearance of Citroen, we will also learn not earlier than two years later, although the concepts created under the Belgian can be seen much earlier, for example, in the spring of next year at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously, the post of chief designer in Citroen since 2012 was occupied by the Frenchman Alexander Malval, who recently moved to work in Daimler.

By the way, Great Wall Motors, which Leclerc left last year, in August reported that she hired the design director of its most successful brand – Haval – the British Phil Simmons, who had previously responded to the appearance of SUVs and crossovers Land Rover for ten years.