The court ordered Volkswagen to pay compensation to car owners

The court ordered Volkswagen to pay compensation to car owners

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen is the first to compensate the consumer who sued the brand for a diesel scandal. This is the decision of the highest court of Germany, which “opens the door” to compensate other victims.

In the fall of 2015, when it turned out that Volkswagen had been cheating on diesel engines for years, the manufacturer was discredited. The engines were equipped with software that made them cleaner in the laboratory, but not on public roads.

German consumer Herbert Gilbert demanded to reimburse the full cost of his car, because the automaker predicted lower emissions than actual. The verdict means good news for consumers who also sued Volkswagen, as they can also get compensation. The amounts will depend on the number of kilometers they traveled on their Volkswagen. Approximately 260 thousand consumers are entitled to receive a compensation package in the amount of 1350 to 6 257 euros, depending on the model and age of the car.

Recall that this transaction did not cover all consumer claims, since about 60 thousand cases of Volkswagen owners are still pending in lower German courts. The case has already cost the German group about 30 billion euros in the form of fines, compensation and the elimination of defects in cars. The decision of the Federal Court of Germany is likely to serve as a model for the remaining claims. Volkswagen said in response that the company intends to agree on settlements with VW owners as soon as possible.