The cost of the updated Suzuki Ignis became known

The cost of the updated Suzuki Ignis became known

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the official price list, the entry-level Suzuki Ignis with restyling did not rise in price.

Earlier this month, Suzuki introduced the world to the European version of the updated Ignis, a model with very thin facelift that had previously debuted in Japan. AutoTimesNews became aware of new prices for the upgraded compact crossovers Suzuki.

So, the initial price of the new Ignis is 16 742 euros, which makes the Ignis 1.2 Smart Hybrid in the Comfort configuration exactly 7 euros cheaper. Even in the configuration for 18 242 euros, the crossover will be 7 euros cheaper than before, in the Style version with a price of 19 742 euros you can save even more.

Suzuki Ignis is also available with a CVT automatic transmission, which replaces the previous AGS transmission. The main advantage of CVT over AGS is the emergence of soft hybrid technology. Ignis with CVT is not available as standard in Comfort, but is offered on Select and Style at a price of 20,485 euros and 21,985 euros, respectively. Here, prices rose by 936 euros for Select and 836 euros for Style.

Finally, Suzuki offers Ignis with an All Grip drive. This version, available in Select and Style trim levels, is equipped with a manual gearbox and also has a soft hybrid system. In this form, Select is estimated at 20,492 euros, in Style – 21,992 euros, which makes these versions more expensive at 743 euros and 443 euros, respectively.

The updated Suzuki Ignis can be recognized, among other things, by its new front and rear bumpers and a new radiator grille with four separate elements. Version 1.2 has been updated in more detail, and soft hybrid versions have improved hardware. LED headlights and taillights are standard.