The cost of the Supra 2020 will be acceptable for Toyota lovers

The cost of the Supra 2020 will be acceptable for Toyota lovers

December 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the rumors about the revived coupe Toyota Supra 2020 model year, the future price tag remains secret. A platform-based BMW Z4 M40i roadster will cost between $ 65,700, and Toyota should cost much less.

Chief Engineer of the Toyota Supra Tetsuya Tada said that the revived coupe Toyota Supra is very much expected by fans of the company and the model itself. Therefore, they make every effort to release the model as quickly as possible. Moreover, the cost of the model should be “limited” to be accessible to Toyota lovers, as well as to have an advantage among competitors. Unfortunately, the cost he did not name.

The chief engineer also believes that most companies do not produce sports cars because of the difficulty to create a truly successful product. Moreover, the company’s goal should be the quality of the car, its characteristics and capabilities, and not the possible profit, the size of circulation and the number of units sold.

In addition, Tada added that – “The purpose of the release of the new sports car is not a big profit and huge sales, but the satisfaction of fans who love both Supra and Toyota.”

Meanwhile, Toyota allowed to listen to a three-liter turbo engine from the new Supra, and the presentation will take place in January 2019.