The cost of electric KIA Niro EV has become known

The cost of electric KIA Niro EV has become known

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the same time, at the moment you can also purchase the 2019 model. There was no increase in power reserve with the update.

KIA has updated its electric car Niro EV and announced prices for the new product. It will be possible to purchase an updated car for 39,090 US dollars. This amount will be asked for the basic version of EX. Also, the equipment grade EX Premium has risen in price. Recall that the current KIA Niro EV can be bought for $ 38,500. Thus, the growth in value turned out to be very small. However, the main parameter for electric cars – the power reserve has remained unchanged.

 Without recharging, the car is still able to overcome 385 kilometers.

 According to the official announcement, the new product has already arrived at the dealerships and is available for purchase. It is expected that KIA will update the hybrid modification of Niro. The changes will mainly target the European car market. The car should receive a modern infotainment display with a large screen, new headlights with LED filling and the function of heating the battery. More details should appear soon.