The cost and specifications of the new Genesis GV80 are known

The cost and specifications of the new Genesis GV80 are known

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Serial production of the new product began on December 2, and it will hit the South Korean market early next year, immediately after the launch of the model in late December.

Automotive sales representatives report that the gasoline version of the GV80 2.5T costs between 58.5 and 63.5 million won, while the version with the 3.5-liter engine will cost 70-80 million won. The GV80 3.0D diesel costs between 64.5 and 82.5 million won.

 In the development of the Genesis GV80, engineers used an aluminum alloy, so the car turned out to be relatively light. This was necessary to increase fuel efficiency and improve driving performance. At the customer’s choice, you can order both a five-seater and a seven-seater configuration with two rows of seats with electrically adjustable.

 The 3.0D version is also equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission, water-cooled intercooler, low friction technology, LNT, DPF and SCR, compliant with Euro 6d RDE2 standard. The power plant develops a power of 278 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes only 6.8 seconds.

 The power unit version GV80 2.5T develops up to 304 horsepower, and acceleration to the first 100 km/h takes 6.9 seconds.

 GV80 3.5T is equipped with a SmartStream G3.5 T-GDI powertrain with a short cylinder stroke of 92.0 x 87.0 and a displacement of 3,470 cubic meters. see. It also has dual injection, and its maximum power is an impressive 380 horsepower. From 0 to 100 km / h, the novelty accelerates in just 5.7 seconds.

Recall a little earlier information appeared that Genesis is preparing to enter the European market and will take part in the Geneva Motor Show. The premium brand will be introduced in March 2020, as part of the automaker’s development plan for Europe.