The concept of Infiniti Prototype 10: officially presented in Pebble Beach

The concept of Infiniti Prototype 10: officially presented in Pebble Beach

August 24, 2018 2 By autotimesnews

Infiniti company continued its concept line Prototype, introducing a new model with index 10. The feature of the new “Prototype” was a futuristic design, combined with the impetuous style of classic speedsters. According to the Japanese brand, the company seeks to demonstrate the general direction of development of corporate design, as well as technology. In addition, the concept Prototype 10 is a harbinger of future electric sportscar drivers.

As already mentioned, Infiniti Prototype 10 is the first work of the new chief of the chief designer Infiniti Karim Habib in the new workplace. The design of the car was developed in the Japanese division of the company, but a preliminary image in the form of a computer model was developed in the UK. And the car itself was assembled in San Diego, California.

As Karib himself noted, the novelty design was inspired by the conceptual model Q Inspiration with a fully electric power plant. Prototype 10 also uses only electric traction, but its characteristics are still kept secret. Under the hood can also be installed and a gasoline engine, but extremely small volume, and working as a generator.

It is assumed that the car received an electric motor with a power of just over 150 horsepower, which is more than enough for an easy car. The energy source is a battery from Missan Leaf. Acceleration to 100 km/h, most likely, will take less than 5 seconds. And the maximum speed will reach about 200 km / h.

In fact, the prototype presented is only a demonstration of opportunities and intentions, confirmation of which will come to the market in the near future. By 2021, the entire lineup of the company will receive electrified modifications equipped with hybrid or electric units. Also, the cockpit, designed for one person, demonstrates the company’s desire to produce models aimed at the driver.

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