The company Renault announced the premiere of an unmanned “car of the future”

The company Renault announced the premiere of an unmanned “car of the future”

February 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Renault has released a short teaser video of the new concept called EZ-GO. The official premiere of the prototype will be held at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6 this year. All the technical characteristics of the machine so far are kept secret. The company only stressed that the novelty serves to demonstrate the view of Renault on the future of the automotive industry. So, the concept will receive an electric motor and an unmanned driving system.

Judging by the video, the electronics can fully control the movement of the car. Most likely, the prototype will not have a steering wheel, pedals and other controls. Inside, passengers sit facing each other, and the salon itself can be transformed, for example, into the living room, study room or relaxation zone.

Also in Renault noticed that the car will be a continuation of the concept Symbioz, which was introduced last year. This prototype gives an idea of ​​Renault’s plans for a car in 2030.

A few weeks ago, the prototype EZ-GO was photographed on the streets of Barcelona during the tests. Judging by the photos, the driver was absent in the interior of the novelty when the car was moving. The operator is controlled by a special operator. The car lacks the usual side doors, their place was taken by special transparent panels.

Previously, the alliance Renault-Nissan promised by 2020 to release more than 10 models with autopilot. Equipment for unmanned driving will be installed on popular, mass models. In addition, Renault-Nissan, announced the introduction of a new technology that will increase the level of integration of the smartphone into the car system.