The company Ineos will release a new version of the Defender with the engine BMW

The company Ineos will release a new version of the Defender with the engine BMW

March 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Land Rover has long been working on returning to the market model Defender. Already by 2021, the company plans to release its new project.

But the old Defender can come back under the brand name Ineos.

But it became known that Ineos is developing an improved version of Defender, which will surpass the car in all its characteristics. The project was developed jointly with Ineos Automotive, but until that time it had not had any information on the network.

Apparently, Ineos signed a contract with the German company MBtech, partly owned by Daimler. By agreement, both companies had to develop a new SUV. Despite the car’s belonging to Mercedes-Benz, SUVs will use BMW powertrains. BMW engines will be installed longitudinally and will be combined with the all-wheel drive system.

Jaguar Land Rover previously stated that he has no problems with a little competition with Ineos. But the manufacturer will closely monitor the company’s efforts in relation to its intellectual property. The place of production of the new SUV in the style of Defender, which has already received the name Project Grenadier, has not yet been determined.

Ineos is very ambitious in its plans – the company plans to produce from 25 to 30 thousand cars per year. Also, the head of Ineos Automotive added that the model is ideal for those who need cars with certain off-road and towing capabilities.

The basis of the new SUV will form a solid steel frame frame, which was developed by Ineos. The body is made of aluminum. The company also plans to create an SUV version in the form of a pickup truck.

According to the company, the Ineos SUV in the spirit of Defender will first get to the markets of Europe, Australia and Africa.