The company Cadillac intends to abandon diesel engines?

The company Cadillac intends to abandon diesel engines?

September 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the current strategy for the development of the American brand, the main priority will be given to the electrification of the current model range. That’s why Cadillac’s management decided to abandon the use of diesel engines. This refusal is likely to be gradual.

A recent press release from the American brand Cadillac says that “the European versions of the all-new compact crossover Cadillac XT4 will be offered with specially designed petrol and diesel engines that meet the latest emission standards of EURO 6d.”

Mass scandal around the German concern Volkswagen Group, which “struck” in the distant 2015, with respect to diesel engines still has an impact on the entire automotive industry – in particular, the diesel scandal influenced the choice of customers.

It is necessary to say that recently, for the purity of the environment, they are experiencing the most in Europe – and this is certainly correct! It is in the automobile markets of Europe that the consumer demand for cars equipped with diesel engines has been falling for a month already. An increasing number of customers are increasingly giving preference to either gasoline models, or those equipped with hybrid power units, or fully electric cars.

This trend could not but affect the current policy of Cadillac – the press service of the brand published information that the company’s strategy will be radically revised in the near future. Now, instead of developing diesel engines, the automaker’s engineers will focus on creating electrified models. In a recent interview, company president Steve Carlisle admitted that Cadillac is developing 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines in recent years, but now they will have to change their priorities.

It was assumed that the XT4 crossover will receive a diesel engine by the end of the decade or even earlier, and, although it may still happen, the future of American diesel engines will probably never be the same again. Meanwhile, despite the decline in demand for diesel cars, there are still quite a large number of people who prefer this type of engine.