The city was covered with water and washed away the automobile museum

The city was covered with water and washed away the automobile museum

May 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the small town of Sanford (Michigan, USA), two old dams could not stand the amount of water in the lake, the volume of which has grown significantly in recent days. As a result, the city was flooded with all the cars.

On the one hand, the situation in a small town in the Midwestern United States does not seem too remarkable. On the other hand, the village and nearby territories were under water. The automobile museum was also destroyed.

The car owner has assembled a large collection of Pontiac Fiero. Tim Evans had a small workshop, a parts store and a museum – all this was dedicated to only one model of the car and was considered an attractive local attraction.

Interestingly, this classic car (1983-1988) is now almost forgotten. Frankly, the Pontiac Fiero never took the first position in the history of the American automobile industry, although it became the first model in the USA with a mid-engine layout and applied some advanced solutions in its design.

But such a fascination with Tim Evans, even to few interesting cars, does to some extent raise an old car into a cult, and the museum is an appropriate place to pay tribute to a car that never received an heir. And in general, the Pontiac brand ceased to exist in 2010 after an 84-year history.

All this only strengthens the sacred meaning of this unique place, which, however, was destroyed by the elements. The building simply crumbled, and all the cars were flooded with water. Some of them were able to dry and even start. Other copies require serious repairs. Some cars after the flood could not be found at all. This will help Tim locals who are very worried about the fate of local attractions.