The Chinese will make batteries for electric vehicles in which you can drive nails

The Chinese will make batteries for electric vehicles in which you can drive nails

April 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists of the BYD automobile concern created a new compact battery, the maximum load of which will make it possible to increase the protection of environmentally friendly cars, when compared with the same lithium-ion batteries. They were convinced of its strength by hammering nails into the battery.

A company that produces lithium-ion batteries, in most cases, is trying to increase the energy resource of its own products, while at the same time not thinking much about safety. It is for this reason that in the event of accidents, as a result of breakdowns, electric cars more and more often ignite. The new development under the name Blade Battery, as experts say, makes it possible to get rid of these problems.

In addition to the usual tests involving bending, sawing, heating to 300 degrees Celsius, and also recharging by 260%, during which the experimenters were not able to ignite the battery, experts checked the strength of their own product, driving cloves. And if the temperature of a simple lithium-ion battery in this procedure reached 400 degrees Celsius, and lithium-iron phosphate – 500, then the Blade Battery was heated to only 60 degrees.

 As noted by Vice President of the Chinese brand Hee Long, some automakers are already interested in an innovative battery. But he did not say which car brand this battery will appear in the first place. It is noted that the debut auto corporation, which will acquire a heavy-duty battery, will be a Han EV sedan.

 This machine will receive one or two electric motors with a capacity of 218 to 268 hp, and the autonomy of the new model will be approximately 450 km.