The Chinese will launch the first mass car printed on a 3D printer

The Chinese will launch the first mass car printed on a 3D printer

March 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company X Electrical Vehicle announced the launch of the series of the first mass car, printed on a 3D printer. The first prototype – a compact car LSEV – will be shown next month at the motor show in Beijing, and the car will not be launched until 2019. It is reported by South China Morning Post.

The 3D printer will print all the details of the novelty except chassis, glasses, tires and powerplants. To develop a new material for the creation of body panels, more elastic and at the same time, X Electrical Vehicle entered into a partnership agreement with the Shanghai firm Polymaker.

The printout of the bumper takes four hours, the roofs – five hours, the doors – eight hours, and the instrument panel – ten hours.

The car will be able to travel about 150 kilometers without recharging, and its maximum speed will be 70 kilometers per hour. The weight of the machine is 450 kilograms.

It is planned to produce a car in China. The cost is about 60,000 yuan (9.5 thousand US dollars). X Electrical Vehicle claims to have already received seven thousand orders for LSEV from various companies, including postal and courier services.

Initially, the company will be able to print out only 500 cars per year. However, subsequently plans to seriously increase the volume of output and halve the cost of machines. But this will happen, according to the concept of the brand, not earlier than 2024.