The Chinese took up the old: another clone of Range Rover

The Chinese took up the old: another clone of Range Rover

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hanglong Auto has released a new crossover for the local market. The model does not differ from other cars in technical terms, but it can be confused with the Range Rover.

The local manufacturer decided to go the easy way, and introduced a new crossover in the style of Range Rover. For an ignorant person, there will be no differences at all. The novelty will be released under the Hunkt brand owned by Hanlong Auto from Hubei. The Chinese clone is very close to the original in size. The parameters of length, width and height for Canticie are 4,985 x 1,995 x 1,819 mm, respectively, for Range Rover – 4,999 x 2,073 x 1,835 mm. The wheelbase of the “Chinese” is slightly larger: 2,997 against 2,992 mm.

The history of the creation of Hunkt Canticie is rather intricate. Initially, it was supposed to come out as a model of the Zotye T800 or T900, but after several plagiarism courts, the company decided to change its strategy (previously it was famous for its clones). All the old ideas were given to other companies, and the new models received their own corporate design.

 As a power unit on the Hunkt Canticie will be used a 2.0-liter engine with a capacity of about 200-220 horsepower. Paired with it will be an automatic transmission that transmits torque to the rear-wheel drive.

Crossover sales are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. The price is still unknown.