The Chinese together with Italdesign made a 3-seater coupe with large “gull wings”

The Chinese together with Italdesign made a 3-seater coupe with large “gull wings”

October 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese brand Voyah, which launched the Dongfeng Motor carmaker this summer, on Sunday, October 4, showed a prototype of the i-Land Electric.

The concept is a large luxury coupe with a 1 + 2 seating formula and large gull-wing doors, in the development of which specialists from the Italian studio Italdesign took part.

Externally, the 2-door is similar to the Italdesign DaVinci concept of 2019 – in particular, the prototypes have a similar silhouette and practically identical doors. But the newest car is distinguished by the presence of a different front part and a different stern. Voyah emphasizes that the Italian company created the design and worked on the engineering part.

The “wings” provide access to two rows of seats, while instead of the front passenger seat there is a soft footrest for the rear passenger. A high tunnel stretches along the entire cabin, in the rear area of ​​the cabin there is an air conditioning and infotainment system control. In turn, the entire front panel combines several displays, there is also a large screen on the steering wheel.

Voyah noted that i-Land Electric should acquire a serial continuation in the future, with a third level autopilot.

In addition, it was recently noted that the American company Ford is finishing production of the powerful Mustang Shelby GT350 coupe. It should be emphasized that the spiritual successor to the GT350 is the upcoming 480-horsepower Mach 1.