The Chinese released an electric sedan 3 times cheaper than the Tesla Model S

The Chinese released an electric sedan 3 times cheaper than the Tesla Model S

December 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese startup Xiaopeng Motors has begun accepting orders for the P7 electric car.

A basic 3-volume car with a length of 4880 mm with a 266-horsepower electric motor costs 240,000 yuan. China’s comparable Tesla Model S starts at 794,000 yuan

The starting variation of the Xpeng P7 has rear-wheel drive and a 266 hp non-alternative electric motor. (390 Nm), and the 81 kW / h battery allows the model to travel on a single charge 550 km according to the NEDC standard.

 Already in the initial configuration, the electric car is equipped with frameless doors, expensive trim, a virtual dashboard with a 10.25-inch screen and an infotainment complex with a 14.97-inch display, as well as a third-level autopilot.

 In terms of dynamics and cost, the Tesla Model 3 will become the main competitor of the “seven” with an initial price of 350,000 yuan. The base American sedan is almost 200 mm shorter and can cover a distance of 100 km less without recharging.

  Those who consider a run of 550 km insufficient are available with a more capacious battery, which will make it possible to increase the maximum range of up to 650 km. The exact characteristics of the electric car are kept secret, but it is known that the “long-range” sedan will also receive an exclusively rear-wheel drive system and a single electric engine. For an electric car with an increased battery, you will have to pay 30,000 yuan more, that is, 270,000 yuan.

  The most powerful sedan with a 2-engine 430-horsepower (660 Nm) power unit, all-wheel drive system and a range of 550 km is worth 370,000 yuan. Such a variation can accelerate to the first “hundred” in 4.3 seconds.

 Deliveries of the P7 model should begin closer to the middle of next year. The Chinese company has high hopes for the 3-volume, as the G3 cross for 15 years has sold 15,000 copies.