The Chinese have created a 1305-horsepower super-hybrid

The Chinese have created a 1305-horsepower super-hybrid

March 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese company Techrules has introduced a racing RS-modification of its diesel-electric Hypercar Ren with a 1305-strong unit. The public premiere of the novelty will be held March 6 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car with a weight of 1854 kg is driven by six electric motors powered by a set of batteries at 28.4 kWh. In the role of the magnifier of the stroke is a diesel microturbogenerator. In total, the units produce 1305 hp and 2340 Nm of torque. Ren RS is able to gain the first “hundred” in less than three seconds, and its maximum speed will be 330 km per hour.

The battery can be recharged by 80% in 15 minutes with the help of a special fast charging system. With a fully charged fuel tank and charged batteries, the car can drive up to 1,170 kilometers.

The appearance of Ren RS was developed by GFG Style, a new design studio of the famous Giorghetto Giudjaro and his son Fabrice. The creators of hypercard noted that they were inspired by the appearance of modern fighters.

At the moment, Techrules is looking for partners that can help a Chinese firm to fine-tune the production of such vehicles.

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