The Chinese company has copied Smart, doubling it

The Chinese company has copied Smart, doubling it

April 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The second product of the Chinese startup (opened in 2017), which produces electric cars, Leap Motor was not a cross, as expected, but a T03 microcar.

  Leap T03 has a length of 3620 mm, a width of 1652 mm, a height of 1577 mm, and the distance between the axles is 2400 mm. Externally, the model looks like Smart, which is already turning into a trend in China – earlier information appeared on the upcoming BAIC electric car of a similar format, which in appearance is also stylized as Smart.

Absolutely gray in every sense, the interior, which can accommodate 4 people, is very simple in appearance. Apparently, they did so for practicality, focusing on car sharing services.

 There are 2 tablets on the console, one instead of the instrument panel, the second displays the Leap On OS interface, thanks to which you can control all the T03 system. The OS has a self-learning AI that has a voice assistant.

 The electric car is equipped with three cameras, one microwave radar and 11 ultrasonic sensors, due to which the car can independently be held in a strip and emergency brake.

  The novelty has a 75-horsepower electric motor and one of two batteries – 30 and 38 kW / h, which will provide autonomy of 300 and 400 km according to the NEDC cycle, respectively. Which, in particular, is at least 2 times greater than the index of the German model.

 A new electric car costs from 80 thousand yuan. Cars will begin to be delivered in May, and more recently they began to accept pre-orders on the corporation’s web portal.