The Chinese company Aiways will present two cars in Geneva

The Chinese company Aiways will present two cars in Geneva

January 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Shanghai car company Aiways enters the European market with an electric SUV and a supercar.

About the supercar was discussed six months ago, when the startup Aiways announced the beginning of cooperation with the company Gumpert. Now the methanol-electric supercar built in this tandem is ready and will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The off-road vehicle is called the U5. He is predicted to become a budget competitor to the Mercedes-Benz EQC and Audi e-Tron. Aiways promises that his creation will be able to run on a single battery charge of 460 kilometers and will be equipped with the world’s first “intelligent” battery, capable of increasing the cruising range by another 50 km.

The body of the U5 is a combination of aluminum and steel, which provides excellent rigidity and safety of passengers. That is confirmed by a five-star safety rating in Chinese crash tests. And Aiways claims that the U5 will be one of the safest mid-size SUVs in Europe.

Announced security systems: a system of keeping the car in the lane, driver fatigue, automatic parking and traffic assistance. The cabin promised 12.3-inch monitor infotainment system, leather interior and other amenities of life. Under the hood installed power plant capacity of 185 hp and torque of 315 Nm.

About the second car said for a long time. This is the world’s first methanol-electric suprecar Nathalie, designed and built in collaboration with Roland Gumpert. His propulsion system uses methanol to generate electricity, through which both axes of Nathalie are given.

This power plant generates a maximum power of 793 hp and guarantees the mileage on a single refueling 1200 kilometers. Before the first 100 km/hNathalie can accelerate in 2.5 seconds and show a top speed of 470 km / h.

Aiways is going to release only 500 Nathalie, and deliveries of the first cars are scheduled for the end of this year. Prices have not yet been announced, but the manufacturer reasonably says that such a car can not be cheap.