The Chinese are preparing to release a cheap version of the Land Cruiser 200

The Chinese are preparing to release a cheap version of the Land Cruiser 200

December 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A copy of the legendary SUV will cost several orders of magnitude cheaper. The other day in the Chinese patent office, the first entries appeared on the future L4600 model from the company Hengtian Automobile.

Land Cruiser 200 is a timeless classic from the Japanese brand Toyota. The SUV is built on a frame structure and is the benchmark for quality. In China, the car has always been expensive relative to other models, as the production at local factories is still not established

The company Hengtian Automobile decided to get its own benefit on the people’s love for an SUV and is preparing to bring to the local market an alternative with a similar design. The model under the tentative name L4600 will be built on the basis of the platform from the original SUV, which significantly improves consumer confidence. And the design of the car is still its own, despite the obvious similarities in style and size.

Under the hood of an SUV from China will be installed a simple 4.6-liter naturally aspirated engine capable of developing up to 286 horsepower. Together with him will work manual or automatic transmission.

Meanwhile, Toyota announced the start of sales of the new version of the Land Cruiser Executive Lounge, which replaced the Excalibur lineup. The model will be the most expensive version of the SUV in the domestic market