The chief of the route in the Spa does not agree with the criticism of Correa

The chief of the route in the Spa does not agree with the criticism of Correa

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The head doctor of the Belgian race track at Spa Christian Valen reacted to the critical comments made by Juan Manuel Correa, who said that after the most serious accident that he had during the August Formula 2 race, the FIA ​​did not care about him.

In a recent interview with the German television channel RTL / n-TV, Correa said that “there was no one from the FIA ​​or from anywhere else who would take care of me.” The decision to transfer the injured rider from the Belgian hospital in Liege to a specialized center in London was taken by Correa’s parents.

The FIA ​​spent several months thoroughly investigating the tragic incident that killed Antoine Hubert, after which Correa, who had returned home to Miami by then, commented: “The meeting with the FIA ​​representatives clarified everything. The result was the result of an unfortunate set of circumstances involving four or five cars. My impressions of what happened completely coincided with what is listed in the FIA ​​report. It’s all over, but no investigation will change the fact that a difficult year awaits me. ”

However, now the tone of his statements has become sharper. Dr. Valen, the head of the medical service of the Autodrom in Spa, is not ready to agree with this, believing that the American rider received all the necessary care.

“Doctors took Correa directly at the scene of the accident, and the experienced anesthetist appointed by the leadership of the race track led their actions,” Valen quotes RaceFans. – The work of the medical staff was coordinated by Dr. Ian Roberts, the deputy medical delegate of the FIA, who runs the rescue service of Formula 1.

Juan Manuel received constant care while he was being taken to the medical center of the highway. When he was delivered, his condition was stabilized by a team of traumatologists who work at this Grand Prix under my supervision.

After consultations with Dr. Alain Chantegre, FIA medical delegate, it became clear that the nature of the injuries is such that Juan-Manuel must be immediately delivered by helicopter to the Liège Central University Hospital, where he would receive special care, and where the operations are performed.

Since I am the chief doctor of the route and the FIA ​​medical delegate, I kept in constant contact with this hospital and also visited Juan Manuel on Monday, September 2, when he recovered from an operation on his leg.

On the same day, Gerard Seyyan, president of the FIA ​​Institute, contacted the rider’s father, assuring him that his parents could count on his support. On Tuesday morning, Correa began to have respiratory problems, and on the same day his family decided to transfer him to a specialized clinic in London, where he would receive orthopedic treatment as soon as possible. ”

After two months in a London clinic, Correa was discharged and was able to return home to the United States, where he continues to recover from his injuries in the hope that he will still have the opportunity to return to the wheel of a racing car.