The cheapest Ford Figo model received an update

The cheapest Ford Figo model received an update

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American concern presented a deep restyling of its most budgetary model Figo. Sedan and Hatchback got a new design, power units, as well as equipment. And the cost also became “new”.

Ford Gigo is a model from the American concern of the very first segment. Cars are manufactured and offered in India. The model is also represented in Africa and other developing countries. And the modified version under the name Ford Ka + is delivered even on the European market.

The car is a representative of subcompact models with a hatchback length of 3.9 meters, and a 4.25 meter saloon. The car has a new design of front and rear bumpers, grille, and head and rear optics. The design has become more aggressive, and more in keeping with the spirit of the times. And the sedan got a false diffuser on the rear bumper.

And the interior was also redesigned. The main changes occurred with the front panel, which was revised for the possibility of integrating a modern infotainment system. However, it will be available exclusively as an option, or in top-end trim levels. In the initial versions, a stub or a standard audio system with a monochrome display will be installed.

Motor line has also undergone significant changes. So, the four-cylinder motors 1,2 and 1,5 liters (power to 88 and 112 horsepower respectively) went down in history. In their place came modern three-cylinder engines Ti-VCT family Dragon 1.2 liters. The younger version of the engine is capable of developing up to 96 forces and 120 Nm of torque, and the older version is capable of developing up to 120 hp. and 150 Nm.

There is also a diesel version with a turbo engine of 1.5 liters of 100 hp and 215 Nm. In pair with all motors can be installed a mechanical transmission on 5 steps. For an additional surcharge, you can buy a car with a six-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter.

Hatchbacks and Ford Figo saloons have already entered the market. In India, prices start at eight thousand dollars, but in South Africa – at least $ 13,500.

Meanwhile, Ford announced the beginning of a revitalized company, which will affect the models of Everest and Ranger SUVs of 2018 produced. The cause of the recall campaign was a possible malfunction with the steering.