The characteristics of the new Toyota Supra revealed

The characteristics of the new Toyota Supra revealed

July 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation Toyota Supra is one of the most anticipated cars of the last kind. And we already saw the track version, but the serial version will soon debut. Due to the leakage of the corporate document, details of the power units of the future novelty became known.

No one is surprised at the news about the upcoming presentation of the new generation Toyota Supra, which is reborn after 16 years of oblivion. Many also know that the car will be built on a completely new platform, developed jointly by the Bavarians from the BMW concern and the Japanese from Toyota. And the German company also built its own model based on this platform – BMW Z4 with a hinged roof.

In addition to the common platform, cars will use the same motor line. Up to this point, there have been only suppositions, but now it is known that both cars, except the six-cylinder engine, will receive turbo four for the first time. This information became known thanks to the disclosed document of the company ZF, which will be engaged in the supply of gearboxes.

So, under the hood of the future Supra will be installed a bi-turbo motor from the BMW B58B30 (340 hp and 450 N•m), and a four-cylinder turbo engine B48B20 with a working volume of 2.0 liters (265 horsepower). Coupled with the engines will work robotic eight-speed transmission ZF-8HP51, which can be found not only on BMW cars, but also Alfa Romeo and Jeep.

Similar powertrains will be used on the BMW Z4, but for the Bavarian there will also be a modification of the M40i. which will receive the same three-liter engine B58B30, but forced to 380 hp.

Despite the fact that cars are similar to each other, technically, as twin brothers, both models will have a completely different character. At least, this was reported by the creator of the new Supra Tetsuya Tada. The new Supra will receive a suspension and tuning of the transmission oriented to the sporty track mode, while the Z4 will be more oriented to comfort.

Model BMW Z4 G29, and the new Supra, we will see before the end of the year.