The car with the “revolutionary design” of the 50’s brought to life

The car with the “revolutionary design” of the 50’s brought to life

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Team of the project The Automobile by Ponti, which was headed by the head of the FCA group of classic cars Roberto Giiolito, presented a full-size model of the car, created in accordance with the concept of Italian designer Gio Ponti, set out in 1953. Until recently, the machine existed only in the form of a model executed on a scale of 1:10.

The Diamond Line concept was a challenge to Ponty’s “inflated” cars with small windows and dark salons. At the heart of his design was the form of a drop, which, using architectural principles, was turned into an angular and diamond-shaped structure. As a result, the sketch appeared cars with massive glazing, a spacious interior and a luggage compartment.

Initially, the car with a new design was planned to build on the sedan units Alfa Romeo 1900. However, later with a request to release a subcompact vehicle according to his drawings, Ponti turned to the Fiat management. But there Diamond Line was considered too radical change and not agreed to run into the series.

Only let go of 20 years of individual design elements, proposed by Ponty, are embodied in the serial machines.

In addition to the layout of the Ponti machine, the Grand Basel was shown the project of an aesthetic sports car, the second generation Tesla Roadster and the restored of the cult Lancia Delta Integrale.