The Bugatti presented the car that changes color

The Bugatti presented the car that changes color

September 28, 2016 3 By autotimesnews

Do you want to see the car that changes color? This is not Lamborghini that changes color. It’s a Bugatti.

This car is chameleon, and that is its main highlight.

French manufacturer of hypercar Bugatti (part of the German concern Volkswagen AG) has issued another luxury car, which changes color directly on the eyes.

It is a model Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo 1500 Hp, which has a top speed of 463 km / h. It car- “chameleon”, and therein lies its main highlight.

At the presentation of novelties viewers watched in amazement as the car changes color. Orange, yellow, green, emerald, aqua, blue, purple, pink, red.

This is generally a concept car created just as a prototype – a model which should be geared to replace the Veyron. All of its futuristic features and additional skirts – nothing more than a listing of the possible future of the car. As for colors, which shocked many people, then it is necessary to talk separately.

By itself, the exhibit is painted quite definitely. In the street you pay attention to it only because of the fact that he looks unusual. But the color does not attract your attention. Strictly speaking, it’s just a white car. But its chameleon essence it becomes a depending on the lighting. How does the light shine on it, so the color of it and “colored.”

On the video below, you can see how Bugatti change colors.