The budget Tesla electric car will receive batteries from the Chinese Model 3

The budget Tesla electric car will receive batteries from the Chinese Model 3

September 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New 4680 batteries will only be used on Semi and Cybertruck

Tesla has clarified the use of batteries in its models in the future. Our assumption about the use of 4680 batteries in the new budget electric car turned out to be incorrect.

The main advantage of the new batteries presented at the “Batteries Day” is their capacity relative to weight. This is especially important for trucks where the lower the dead weight, the higher the payload. This is how 4680 batteries will be used to assemble batteries for Cybertruck pickups and Semi heavy trucks. This casts doubt on the possibility of their appearance in 2021, since the mass production of such batteries will begin no earlier than 2022.

Tesla’s US-built cars will retain the classic lithium-ion finger-type batteries that Panasonic now supplies. We recently wrote that their capacity will be increased. On the Tesla slide, these batteries are designated as providing maximum power reserve.

Finally, an electric car under a blanket on the same slide denotes just a new budget model. And he will receive lithium-ion-fasfate batteries, which are now being put on the Chinese-made Tesla Model 3. These batteries are known for their long service life. Tesla is currently purchasing them from the Chinese concern CATL.

Yesterday it became known that Tesla will have not one budget electric car, but two. The first will be produced in China, and the second at a plant under construction in Berlin. It is possible that the European model will receive some other batteries.