The British named the safest car

The British named the safest car

April 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Volvo XC90 was recognized as the safest car in the UK. According to the research center Thatcham Research, since the beginning of sales in 2002 in a car with an accident, no one died. This is reported by The Telegraph.

In total, since 2012 on the territory of the United Kingdom, more than 50 thousand XC90 have been sold. The main advantages of the model were the researchers called the system of emergency braking and warning of a possible collision – the SUV was one of the first to equip such functions.

Using such systems, believe in Thatcham, reduces the likelihood of a collision by 38 percent and can save 1,100 lives in the next decade. In addition, they contribute to reducing the amount of insurance.

In 2015, the latest generation Volvo XC90 set the Euro NCAP record, receiving the highest estimate for the crash test at the time. The off-road car earned 37 points (or 97 percent of the maximum possible result).

In November last year, during the tests, Euro NCAP published a record set the crossover XC60. He became the safest car of the year, receiving an assessment of 37.2 points (98 percent).