The British have created an unusual retro sports car Moderna

The British have created an unusual retro sports car Moderna

November 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

British company GTO Engineering, which works with Ferrari cars, spoke about its new project. This is a sports car that will be styled in the spirit of a car from the 60s.

Interestingly, the British engineers are going to combine the appearance of a sports car in retro style with the latest technologies from motorsport. Hence the “talking” name of the novelty – Moderna. The weight of the sports car will not exceed thousands of kilograms, and it is planned to assemble it by hand in the UK.

This project builds on the continuity and rich experience of previous and current generations. Thus, the new sports car will organically combine the latest materials and the experience that the company has, which has been serving road and racing Ferraris for 29 years.

The new sports car will be based on a unique steel chassis: it is tubular, lightweight, with high-strength aluminum subframes. But for the Moderna body, the British chose carbon fiber. To prevent the sports car from gaining much weight, the doors and hood were made of aluminum.

Not without the attributes inherent in motorsport cars. These are lightweight yet powerful brakes, large wheels and independent suspension. With this addition, you can feel like a racing car pilot. The role of the motor can go to the 4-cylinder V12 engine. Such a power plant is well known to the British, and they are very active with it.

Working on the exterior of a sports car, the British looked for inspiration in the cars of yesteryear. For example, the novelty has a lot in common with the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. It is a Gran Turismo racing car that Ferrari produced from 1962 to 1964.

At the same time, strict retro design is diluted with modern trends in the automotive industry. Thus, a two-seater sports coupe gets spectacular LED optics, advanced electronics, a more advanced exhaust system, etc. At the same time, the British will offer customers rich personalization options. A rich palette of body colors, trim options, and an arsenal of all sorts of accessories will be available for Moderna.

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