The British company revealed the characteristics of the world’s most powerful electric motor

The British company revealed the characteristics of the world’s most powerful electric motor

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Equipmake has released a press release that reveals details about its new environmentally friendly engine weighing only 10 kg.

In early March, AutoTimesNews learned that the so-called Ampere engine, developed in collaboration with Hieta’s 3D printing specialist, would weigh less than 10 kg but deliver a maximum power of 299 hp. It is noteworthy that two Jaguar I-Pace electric motors weigh about 40 kg each and produce 197 hp.

Traditional compact electric motors have to spin up to high speeds in order to achieve the declared power. The additive manufacturing technologies developed by Hieta have created thin-walled heat exchangers with a larger surface area for use inside Ampere. They are used for heat dissipation. A number of electric motor components, usually made of several connected parts, in the Ampere engine are formed as one much lighter part. The resulting weight savings reduces inertia and can significantly increase speed.

Ampere is a permanent magnet motor that is built into the rotor like wheel spokes. Usually in this case, a holding sleeve is used for the magnets, which locks them in place. This design leads to weight gain. Ampere developers managed to do without this element. In addition to this, the spokes allow you to maximize the magnetic flux and at the same time more efficiently remove heat than conventional motors.

The lightness of the device is mainly due to the minimal use of metal in its design and the innovative case made using 3D printing. An additional advantage of this production method is the increased thermal efficiency, which means that the engine can rotate faster and longer without overheating.

Despite its impressive performance, Ampere will receive a relatively low price, given its lightweight construction. The development of the engine was funded by the government’s Innovate UK program, which provides financial support to UK projects. It is possible that the serial version of the unit will appear in 2021.