The British car market in April could not reach the “plus”

The British car market in April could not reach the “plus”

May 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British have become less likely to leave the car dealerships with purchases: last month, this regional car market could not cope with the fall in car sales.

Last month, the British car market fell 4.1 percentage points. During April, 161,064 units of vehicles were sold in this country. The negative dynamics was explained in the British Society of Automakers and Car Dealers (SMMT). According to local auto experts, today’s April “minus” is the result of double-digit sales growth in April 2018.

 From January to April of this year, British motorists purchased about 862,100 cars. This figure was lower than last year’s by 2.7%.

The most sold car brand in the UK in April was American Ford, whose products sold 18 074 copies (decline in demand by 10.1%). The German company Volkswagen came in second with a score of 15,161 sold cars. In the case of this brand we are talking about almost 4 percent sales growth. The remaining places in the first “five” belong to three more representatives of the German automotive industry – Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW (12,454, 11,739 and 10,868 buyers, respectively).