The British brand MG Cars announced the sports electric car by 2020

The British brand MG Cars announced the sports electric car by 2020

July 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

MG Cars is a revived British brand, currently owned by the Chinese concern Nanjing Automobile, and decided to announce loudly about itself with the announcement of a sports electric car.

The company, owned by the Chinese brand, reborn since 2000, all this time was engaged in reselling Chinese models under its own name. However, now MG decided to declare about himself, telling that it is returning to the creation of sports cars, and the first of these will be an electric car.

According to preliminary information, the sports car will receive a twin-engine layout, four-wheel drive, and dimensions comparable to the Mazda MX-5. However, the weight of the car will be much higher due to batteries, and finishing the salon with premium materials will make it even more expensive.

“We are working on a new car. According to the idea, it will become a two-door sports car with a fully electric power plant. And the car will be built on a completely new platform, and its debut is scheduled for 2020, ” – said the head of design department Shao Jinfeng.

Despite the fact that the company belongs to the Chinese corporation, the appearance of its own sports car can mark a new era of the British brand, which will regain the title of a sports car manufacturer.

Shao Jinfeng added that he would do his best to revive the brand. But this will not happen immediately, and you will have to act step by step. In fact earlier this company already “died” and now we should return it to historical conformity.

So far only preliminary images showing a four-seater coupe in the style of Jaguar cars have been presented. First of all, a long hood, a massive grille, and a unique head optics with integrated DRL are allocated. In addition, the car will demonstrate good aerodynamic results thanks to carefully selected design of the front and rear bumper with functional diffusers, and the body structure, which reduces the drag coefficient.

Unfortunately, there are no details now, and the conceptual model can receive significant changes.

In the meantime, MG is preparing to bring a new crossover to the market, about which so far nothing is known. It is known only that the car will be built on the basis of the crossover Roewe RX5, as well as photos of the serial version.