The Boring Company Completes Laying First Tunnel Under Las Vegas

The Boring Company Completes Laying First Tunnel Under Las Vegas

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The tunnel connected the South Hall of the Exhibition Center, which hosts the largest CES Electronics Show annually, with the new West Hall, located on the other side of the campus, 15 minutes by car. The underground road, according to Elon Mask, will allow you to get from one point to another in one minute. It should earn in a year – in January 2021, by the next CES.

Ilona Mask Company completed the digging of the first of two tunnels planned under the 80-hectare campus of the Las Vegas Exhibition Center. Earthworks began in November last year, the end was scheduled for late January 2020. The Boring Company reported that it had finally dug a tunnel 1.3 km long with a capacious tweet: “Breakthrough!”

The drilling rig worked at a depth of 12 meters underground, reports Engadget. Now it will be dismantled and taken to the starting point in order to start laying a second tunnel parallel to the first.

In total, it is planned to build three stations, one at each end of the road and one in the middle. Between them, autonomous capsules built on the basis of Tesla Model 3 or Model X electric vehicles with a capacity of 16 people will ply up to 250 km / h. They can carry up to 4400 passengers per hour.

The project cost is $ 52.5 million. In total, the Las Vegas exhibition center will spend $ 1.5 billion on the modernization of its exhibition complex.

If the construction is successful, the innovative transport system can be expanded to other areas of the city, including the international airport.

The company already has one completed tunnel near the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, 3.4 km long. Another project – in Chicago – was suspended due to the difficult political situation in the city. And because of engineering problems, the construction of the tunnel that was supposed to connect Washington with Baltimore was stalled.