The body of the Ferrari Monza SP2 is covered with armored film – a bewitching sight

The body of the Ferrari Monza SP2 is covered with armored film – a bewitching sight

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Topaz Detailing, a London-based company, has published a video that captures the process of applying a special protective film to the body and interior of an Italian supercar.

  Monza SP2 is one of the most impressive models released by Ferrari in the modern era. This is a magnificent supercar that matches the spirit of a race car, without a windshield and roof. Such a rare and expensive car is certainly worthy of a premium protective film, especially since its body is completely made of carbon fiber, a lightweight and very expensive material that was also used inside.

London-based Topaz Detailing had the opportunity to apply a protective armor film on Monza SP2, trimmed with beautiful Rosso Robina paint, reminiscent of Alfa Romeo racing cars. The body shade contrasts with the Grigio Ferro stripes.

This video is a good opportunity not only to admire the car, but also to find out what it takes to apply a protective film to almost all possible surfaces. In some areas that are more vulnerable, the guys at Topaz Detailing actually used a double layer of film and covered open carbon fiber surfaces. Even the inside of the side air vents underwent the same treatment, not to mention the headlights, side sills and a partition between the two seats.

 Since the hood is huge, it is difficult to apply only one piece of protective film to such a large surface. For this reason, the Monza SP2, which you see here, actually has two pieces of armored film on the hood, although it is almost impossible to see where one ends and the other begins, since the border of the two films passes when the red paint meets the gray stripe.