The bestseller MG after restyling received a more powerful turbo engine and became richer

The bestseller MG after restyling received a more powerful turbo engine and became richer

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The once British brand introduced a restyled SUV ZS. The Chinese, of course, will be the first to receive the freshened cross, because the brand belongs to the SAIC concern, and in the Celestial Empire its models are assembled.

Crossover ZS debuted in 2016, he was the first to try on a new MG style. In China, SUV sales started in March 2017, and today it is the most popular model of the brand. By the way, in 2019 ZS is in positive territory, despite the general decline in the entire Middle Kingdom car market. So, in January-July, demand grew by 4% to 59,144 copies. The planned restyling is designed to attract even more customers. The appearance of the refreshed MG ZS was declassified in May, then the SUV photos were added to the base of the Ministry of Industry of China. Now the manufacturer has distributed official photos, including images of the interior.

The model received a new front bumper and grille. The headlights also became different, they were “unfastened” from the grill. Plus the cross was replaced by fog. MG has not yet shared the shots of the stern, but thanks to the Chinese certification body, we know that the lanterns now have a different picture.

In the cabin – a new multimedia system, the touch screen has become larger. The air-conditioning control unit and the central tunnel were modernized, and instead of the mechanical “parking brake”, the servo-drive button. In addition, there was a “leather” finish in red. The equipment list now includes “second-level autopilot,” as the Chinese call adaptive cruise control, which is combined with automatic emergency braking and lane keeping systems.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

The main technical new thing is the petrol “turbo-engine” 1.3 with a capacity of 163 hp (maximum torque is 230 Nm). The motor is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission Aisin. As stated in MG, with this engine, the ZS will pick up the first 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds. The drive at the crossover is still only the front.

According to preliminary data, the four-cylinder engine 1.5-liter (120 hp, 150 Nm) remained in service, on the pre-reform cross-country it is equipped with 5-speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission. It is possible that the four-speed automatic gearbox in the restyled version from 1.5 will also be replaced by 6-speed automatic transmission. But the “turbo-engine” 1.0 (125 hp, 170 Nm) has already been dismissed.

A full presentation of the updated MG ZS will be held on September 5 at the Chengdu Motor Show, then prices will probably be announced. The previous crossover costs from 73,800 to 106,800 yuan. Later, the refreshed ZS will reach other countries, including the historic homeland of MG – Britain.

MG previously unveiled its first pickup truck. The truck under the name Extender is a clone of the Chinese Maxus T70 (the Maxus brand also belongs to the SAIC concern), while the pickup is only sold in Thailand.