The best of the best: in J.D. Power identified the leaders of their segments

The best of the best: in J.D. Power identified the leaders of their segments

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Let’s remind, firm J.D.Power studies satisfaction of consumers design and driving characteristics of new “passenger cars”, pickups, SUV and vans. The opinions of verified users who own their vehicles for at least 90 days are taken into account. In the current year, the best 19 models were selected in their segments.

The best small car in the premium segment was the Audi A3, and among the small premium crossovers, the BMW X1 won, and the X3 received the highest number of positive reviews among compact SUVs. The best compact crossover (not premium) was the American Chevrolet Equinox, and his older brother Traverse won in the category of Midsizes.

small premium car – Audi A3
small SUV premium segment – BMW X1
compact premium SUV – BMW X3
compact SUV – Chevrolet Equinox
mid-size SUV – Chevrolet Traverse
minivan – Chrysler Pacifica
big SUV – Ford Expedition
large “passenger” pick-up – Ford F-150
mid size sports car – Ford Mustang
a large “working” pickup – GMC Sierra HD
medium sized car – Honda Accord
medium sized pick-up truck – Ridgeline
of a small passenger car – Kia Rio
compact premium passenger car – Kia Stinger
premium mid-size car – Lincoln Continental
small SUV – Mini Copper Countryman
big car – Nissan Maxima
mid-size SUV – Porsche Cayenne
compact car – Volkswagen Jetta

The best representatives of the minivans segment, American consumers recognized Chrysler Pacifica. Models Ford won in three segments at once: among the big SUV model Expedition, a large “passenger” pickup – F-150 and in the segment of mid-size sports cars – Mustang won. The best big “working” pickup truck was recognized by GMC Sierra HD.

Further among the best were a pair of Honda models: in the segment of medium-sized cars – Accord, mid-size pickups – Ridgeline. Among small cars consumers like Kia Rio, and another model of the Korean brand – Stinger – the leader among premium compact cars. In the premium-Midsize segment, the Lincoln Continental sedan earned the best scores.

In the segment of small SUV, consumers rated Mini Copper Countryman better than anyone else. The most commendable reviews in the category of large cars earned Nissan Maxima. What rating could do without Porsche and Volkswagen – Cayenne became the best Midsize-SUV, and the Jetta was recognized as the optimal car compact car.