The autopilot of the American Tesla brand was criticized

The autopilot of the American Tesla brand was criticized

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Consumer Reports criticizes Tesla’s autopilot, urging customers to be wary of purchasing an optional $ 8,000 “full” system

According to experts, the autopilot does not correspond to its name on several points at once. The Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD) option gives Tesla owners access to all autonomous driving functions, as well as their updates as software appears and all new features are added in the future.

Consumer Reports found problems with the functions of automatic parking (Autopark), autonomous movement in parking lots to specified points (Summon and Smart Summon), autopilot in conjunction with a route according to the navigator (Navigate on Autopilot) and automatic reactions to traffic signals or a stop sign (Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control). The tests were carried out in various weather conditions, periods of the day and locations, and even with the latest available FSD update.

In the case of automatic parking, the car often could not “see” a suitable place or, having found it once, did not recognize it on subsequent attempts with similar conditions.

The Summon function, which allows the driver to park the car in a tight parking space or drive it out of there using the application, generally functioned well, but irregularly: sometimes the car did not enter the place completely or parked at the wrong angle, and the system at the same time considered the work finished.

As for the Smart Summon function, which allows the car to independently go to a specified point or to the owner, the tests revealed some problems. This is the choice of a very difficult route, the wrong side of the movement and incorrect turning angles.

Navigate on Autopilot tests have shown that the autopilot can miss a highway exit, regardless of the navigator’s instructions, and also get stuck in the wrong lanes – for cars with passengers or on the overtaking lane. In addition, experts were concerned about the possibility of setting up the autopilot to change lanes without warning the motorist just before the maneuvers, which could lead to a dangerous situation.

Finally, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control is programmed so that the car slows down and comes to a complete stop even on a green light, unless the driver instructs you to continue driving or the autopilot follows the car in front. Along with this, the system could start to stop early in front of the mandatory stop sign, or, conversely, skip it altogether.

Tesla said that Navigate on Autopilot and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control are marked with a beta mark on the home screen, but they could not get clarification from Tesla regarding this.

In addition, it was recently noted that the American company Tesla is going to produce an affordable hatchback based on the Model 3. It is assumed that such a car of the brand will be intended for the European automotive market.