The auto industry has asked the EU to soften environmental standards

The auto industry has asked the EU to soften environmental standards

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Automakers are not able to invest huge amounts of money in reducing harmful emissions from vehicles to a level determined by the EC.

The industrial crisis and the drop in sales of new cars associated with coronavirus forced four leading European car business associations to apply to the European Commission with a request to soften the deadlines and targets for carbon dioxide emissions. Note that by 2021, 100% of the fleet of brands should reach target emissions of 95 km / km. Experts believe that, in the case of a positive decision, this will affect the Russian auto industry, in which the process of introducing eco-transport is very difficult.

“We don’t want to question either the laws as such or the fundamental goals of road safety, climate protection and environmental protection,” the letter says. According to the German publication Automobilwoche, manufacturers complain about the lack of work towards the development of environmentally friendly motors, electric cars . This puts automobile concerns in a difficult position. It is noted that the auto industry is one of the leading sectors of the European economy. It employs about 13.8 million people.

Note that Volkswagen alone loses about 2 billion euros for each week of downtime. And sales of electric cars in Europe have fallen the most.