The authorities of Zandvoort have no funds for the Grand Prix

The authorities of Zandvoort have no funds for the Grand Prix

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The costs of organizing the Netherlands Grand Prix were higher than expected. It seems that the authorities of Zandvoort will not have enough four million euros provided by the local budget for these purposes.

Last spring, it was announced that Formula 1 would return to Holland after a 35-year hiatus. The contract with the race track in Zandvoort is designed for three years, but in the future it can be extended. In accordance with the approved plans, it was assumed that the municipal authorities, as well as the administration of the province of North Holland, would also make their financial contribution to this project.

In Zandvoort, they decided to reserve 4 million euros, but this money was not enough – this is evident from a recently published report. In particular, it turns out that some expenses were simply not taken into account when drawing up the budget, while some exceeded the estimated level. The conclusion contained in the report is: “The budget for Formula 1 is in question.”

The organizers of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands initially suggested that as many fans as possible would use public transport to get to the race track during the days of the race weekend, but for this it was necessary to improve the railway infrastructure so that commuter trains could cope with increased passenger traffic even at peak times.

Only it is necessary to spend about seven million euros. The government is ready to pay 2.35 million, but the remaining funds should be allocated by local budgets – Zandvoort and the province of North Holland. However, it turned out that the municipal authorities simply did not provide for these expenses.

At the moment, the size of the budget deficit is not entirely clear, the Zandvoort authorities promise to complete their calculations only next month.