The Australian will make a Formula car with a permit for legal roads

The Australian will make a Formula car with a permit for legal roads

August 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Supercar will be equipped with a V12 Ferrari engine

A resident of Australia Zak Mikhailovich is replicating the Formula-1 car, where it will be possible to travel to public roads. Supercar, called Zacaria, is planned to be equipped with a Ferrari engine, a hydraulic lift system, wings and a racing gearbox. It will not be a single copy – the car is scheduled to launch into a small series.

In his Instagram, Mikhailovich partially disclosed information about the technical stuffing of the car. So, the car body is made of aluminum, and in its motion will result in a 6.3-liter atmospheric unit from the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The output of the motor is about 740 forces. The weight of the machine is 700 kilograms.

The transmission for Zacaria will be borrowed from the company Albins, which develops boxes for racing cars of the Supercar series. Buyers will be offered a choice of a traditional gearshift lever or paddle shifters.

The equipment of the supercar will include a hydraulic lift-system, which will remove the front aerodynamic “plumage” in 12 seconds.

The price of each car is expected to be more than one million dollars. According to Zak Mikhailovich, the price is justified by the fact that every car will be spent a lot of time and energy.