The Audi body was accidentally “burned” with paint remover

The Audi body was accidentally “burned” with paint remover

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of the liftback incorrectly removed the liquid rubber

Experts from the tuning studio DreamWraps from the state of Kentucky, USA, published photos showing how the paint remover destroyed the body of the Audi A5. The owner of the liftback tried to remove the liquid rubber on his own, but accidentally damaged the factory coating.

The owner of the Audi A5 asked the American tuning studio to get rid of the consequences caused by the paint remover. He said he had previously covered the body of his liftback with liquid rubber to change the car’s factory color. However, a few days ago, the man decided to return Audi to its original appearance and tried to remove the “Plasti Dip”.

To remove liquid rubber, the owner of the Audi used the usual paint remover. The man applied it to the body of the car, which he left under a thick tarpaulin for several days. When he decided to check how the tool coped with the removal of the coating, it was too late. The body of the liftback looked as if the car had been burned. The caustic solvent destroyed both the liquid rubber and the factory paint of the car.

According to the owner, he tried to disguise the damage by inflicting another layer of Plasti Dip on the destroyed car body. However, this did not work – the liquid rubber did not stick to the damaged body. As a result, the man turned to specialists who were able to bring the appearance of the car in order, covering it with a two-color vinyl film.

A few days ago, winged insects living near water bodies damaged the paintwork of almost three thousand new SUVs of the GM concern. The cars were covered with sticky remnants of skins of podyonok, which were tightly glued to the varnish and other elements of the exterior.