The auction violated the ban on the sale of the Ford GT supercar and paid for it

The auction violated the ban on the sale of the Ford GT supercar and paid for it

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford’s lawsuit against Mecum is satisfied: a fine is waiting for it and something else

The trial between Ford and Mecum auction house ended in victory for the automaker. The auctioneer and owner violated a two-year ban on the resale of the Ford GT supercar, and now Mecum will pay a fine.

The contract for the purchase of a supercar includes an item with a ban on the resale of the car for two years. The owner of the supercar at number 48 (of 250 issued) resold his Ford in May last year, when the ban was still in force.

The transaction took place a year after the acquisition of a supercar. On the odometer, the silver coupe was only 11 kilometers away. The car went at auction for 1.8 million dollars – that is, four times more expensive than the factory price tag. And the next day the auction house received a lawsuit from the Ford Motor Company.

Seven months later, the court decided not only to fine the auction house, but also to prohibit it from further work with Ford GT supercars: until the two-year moratorium expires, Mecum should not accept cars from the original owners for sale. And if the first owner has already managed to break the ban earlier, and now they are trying to resell the car through Mecum, then the agreement with Ford company is required – and she has the right to refuse.

Ford has indicated that the fine will be sent to charity. Its size is not reported – but it is such that it is likely that the auction profit from this sale was reset to zero.

Similar courts have already been held: for example, last year Ford won the case against wrestler John Cena. The second owner of his car sold the supercar at auction for $ 1.5 million.

Meanwhile, the production of the Ford GT supercar began at the end of 2016, and the two-year moratorium on the very first cars should already cease.