The auction and the owner paid for the sale of the Ford GT supercar

The auction and the owner paid for the sale of the Ford GT supercar

January 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The sports car, released in a limited edition of 250, is sold complete with a moratorium on a two-year resale ban. The owner and the auction house lost the suit from the company.

On the eve of the auction house Mecum sold Ford GT supercar (48th out of 250), despite the fact that the time has come to ban the resale. In all likelihood, the proposal was too interesting, or the guys did not understand the contract and legal requirements. The supercar left the hammer for $ 1.8 million, which is almost four times the standard price tag. The very next day after the sale, the auction received a claim from Ford.

The most interesting thing is that the lawsuit was satisfied, and after seven years a sentence was passed, demanding to pay a fine, as well as to coordinate all sales of the supercar with authorized representatives of Ford. The size of the fine is not reported, but representatives of the company promised to transfer it to charity.

Recall that the Ford GT is a mid-engined supercar developed by the Ford Performance sports division, which is a “regular variation” on the theme of the legendary “Leman’s triumphant” of the 60s of the last century.

The fate of the past owner remains unknown. In all likelihood, he also received a claim. The amount of the fine could easily offset all the profits from the resale.