The Aston Martin boss hinted at the new version of the Vantage coupe

The Aston Martin boss hinted at the new version of the Vantage coupe

December 17, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Just last month, the British brand Aston Martin held a presentation of the new generation of the Vantage coupe. Then many were confident that the management of the brand decided to gradually abandon the heavy V12 engines, but as time showed, things are not so obvious.

According to the British edition of Autocar, that the Aston Martin can introduce the Vantage coupe with the V12 engine, hinted the brand boss Andy Palmer. According to him, despite the fact that the brand made a bet on V8, to install under the hood of the car the motor with the V12 configuration will not be a problem, since the engine compartment of the Vantage is exactly the same as that of the DB11 model.

However, the top management of Aston Martin still has not decided on whether such a car is needed, since such a concept is highly doubtful. That’s what the boss himself said: “We need to take consider the character of the new Vantage, it’s our rebel, really a sports car that stands out for its handling.” The V12 has many advantages, but the added weight will bring some differences in character that we need to discuss.”

The head of the brand also confirmed that within the next 18 months Vantage will receive a classic “mechanics” and a roadster version.