The appearance of the Toyota Supra Targa and a convertible model 86 is quite possibl

The appearance of the Toyota Supra Targa and a convertible model 86 is quite possibl

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, the Japanese company does not confirm plans to create versions of the Supra and 86 with a removable roof, but at the same time, nothing is denied. The interest of the brand to create such cars is clearly visible.

Japanese Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86 have a reputation for exceptionally light sports cars, as well as the Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster. Here only the latter has a removable roof, and the first two are compartments with a fixed roof. In 2013, the concept of the Toyota FT-86 Open cabriolet was developed, which represented a possible production version, but the rumors that it was about to be launched into the series eventually turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, it seems that the “without top” model really was very close to becoming a reality.

In the new report of the Japanese profile edition it is stated that the concept of a Japanese car in the back of a convertible was not just a freakish creation.

The report says that Toyota Supra’s chief sports coupe engineer, Tetsuya Tada, said that the open-top version of the 86 model was already far from its conceptual look and was in fact close to production. Unfortunately, the interview does not make it clear why the sports model 86 with a removable roof did not appear.

The new Supra, however, has every opportunity to get a similar performance. It is reported that in this case, the legendary sports coupe will get the body Targa (a kind of roadster). An interview with Mr. Tada also applies to the current generation of Toyota (A90). It is noteworthy that the closest relative of this car – the German model BMW Z4 is originally a roadster. Jointly developed cars will suddenly become direct competitors, and although Tada does not specifically mention this, he rejects the question of the possible appearance of a coupe version from Toyota with a removable top.