The American sued 150 thousand dollars for refusing to give him the number “I am God”

The American sued 150 thousand dollars for refusing to give him the number “I am God”

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The court ordered the man to issue a license plate with this text

The American Benny Hart sued 150 thousand dollars for the refusal of the Department of Transport to issue him a license plate with the inscription IM GOD. The court also ordered to give the man a sign with such an inscription.

The story goes back to 2016, when Hart and his wife moved from Ohio to Kentucky. Before that, a 12-year-old man traveled to his native state with the IM GOD number, so after moving – in America, license plates are tied to the state and you need to get it again when moving – I ordered the exact same one.

However, the man was refused at the local Department of Transportation. According to the laws of the United States, drivers can independently choose any inscription for the number, but it should not be vulgar or obscene. The department considered that the phrase IM GOD falls under this definition.

According to The Washington Post, Harta did not like this decision: the 80-year-old atheist said that no one can prove that he is not God, and therefore they can’t forbid him to travel with such a license plate either. He found lawyers and sued the Department. The whole process took four years and was ultimately decided by the victory of the driver.

Now the Department is obliged to pay him compensation in the amount of 150 thousand dollars, but all this money will go to pay for the work of lawyers. But for Hart, this is not the main thing, because he nevertheless achieved his goal – the court allowed him to get a license plate with the inscription IM GOD and install it on his car.

In August last year, another American decided to resort to loyal legislation regarding inscriptions on car numbers. He bought a sign with the text NULL (“zero”), which helped him temporarily deceive traffic cameras and parking meters – they all read the data from the number as “lack of information”.

However, the man did not take into account one moment – the person to whom the NULL number is actually registered is addressed to all fines issued for cars with unreadable numbers. As a result, he received fines worth more than 12 thousand dollars.