The American paid a parking fee after 44 years

The American paid a parking fee after 44 years

July 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A Ohio resident paid a fine for parking violation 44 years after receiving the coupon. He sent a letter to the Minerville police department, in which he wrote that for all his years he had been tormented by guilt, and attached five dollars to him. This is written by the Associated Press.

According to police chief Michael Combs, the letter was as follows: “Dear police department, for more than 40 years I have kept this parking ticket, and all was going to pay it. Forgive me for not giving full information about myself. With Respect, Dave.”

The parking ticket was issued in 1974. The amount of the fine was two dollars (three dollars the intruder added as compensation). Now such a violation is estimated at $ 20.

In December last year, the Department of Police in Minnesota received an unusual letter from an anonymous sender, which was one thousand dollars and a note of apology for the accident 30 years ago. The author of the letter said that at night 1985 or 1986 crashed into a parked car and left the scene of the accident, leaving no information about himself.