The American made a labyrinth of corn in the form of an “Indy 500” car

The American made a labyrinth of corn in the form of an “Indy 500” car

September 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The maze area exceeds 26 thousand square meters.

Illinois resident Derrill Kregel made a giant maze in his cornfield that looks like a vintage car No. 99 Belanger Special IndyCar Series. The area of ​​the labyrinth is 26 300 square meters.

According to Kregel, the design of the labyrinth was first drawn in the 3D CAD system of AutoCad. In the spring the field was sown with corn seeds. To accurately match the real maze of its virtual copy of the planter, cross-section data from AutoCad and the GPS positioning system were used.

Racing No. 99 Belanger Special is a legend of Indianapolis. The car was owned by Merell Belanger, an Illinois dealer and owner of Crown Point Chrysler-Plymouth Sales. In 1951, American car racer Lee Walard won the Indy 500, driving the track at a record average speed of 203.17 kilometers per hour.

In 1952, the Tribune newspaper wrote that 99 is the first car in Lowell’s 100-year history (Belange’s hometown), which managed to win the championship. In the 1951 season, the car came first in nine races out of 14. After leaving the No. 99 were handed over to the museum of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where it is still kept.