The American built a 3,500-horsepower tractor with a 27.9-liter engine

The American built a 3,500-horsepower tractor with a 27.9-liter engine

November 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To create this “monster”, which amazes the imagination not only with its dynamics, but also with its appearance, the craftsman took seven whole years.

Southern California real estate developer Mike Harrah has been building an unusual THOR 24 tractor with a huge 27.9-liter engine for seven years. Currently, the car is in an aircraft hangar on the outskirts of Lake Havasu City in the US state of Arizona. The basis for this unusual tractor was the Peterbilt 359 truck, released in 1979. The American equipped his brainchild with two twin 12V-71 diesel engines from Detroit Diesel, which were supplemented by several BDS 8-71 compressors and eight nitrogen oxide cylinders. The result was a 24-cylinder engine with 3,471 hp.

 All power is transmitted to the rear axle using 4AKPP Allison HT740. The working volume of such an unusual engine reaches 27.9 liters. THOR 24 is 13.41 meters long and weighs 13.5 tons.

Due to the enormous weight, the car could not be equipped with a wheel – it could not cope with its task. It was replaced by a suspension with A-shaped levers from the bus. Rectangular tubes about 16 millimeters thick went to build the chassis. The tractor receives Alcoa aluminum wheels with tires of different diameters front and rear.

 In the THOR 24 cabin, there was a place immediately for 24 devices. There is a speedometer and tachometer, as well as several pressure scales and compressors. Armchairs received racing seat belts, and in the recreation area housed a 40-inch TV and a powerful audio system. Four screens were located immediately above the driver, which broadcast a picture of the road in front of the tractor. According to the creator, his car can accelerate to 160 km / h, but stopping it after such a jerk will be difficult. To do this, there are even four brake parachutes installed in the rear bumper.