The American at the car wash washed his car with “red-hot lava”

The American at the car wash washed his car with “red-hot lava”

August 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Users of the World Wide Web are viewing and actively commenting on a photo, strange for most motorists, made on one of the American car washes. In the picture you can see how the car body is covered by “lava”.

In the Reddit social network, the American car owner demonstrated to the public how he washed the car with “red-hot lava.” Users at the same time say that they saw a photo that was not processed in the photo editor.

In fact, one of the brands of car washes in the US offers a rather unusual service to customers – when washing the car using soap foam, which looks like volcanic lava. The car is sent a strong stream of water with soap foam and hot wax, which are highlighted in such a way that, at first glance, it seems that the car body is watered with lava.

Representatives of this non-standard car wash argue that such a procedure is much quicker and cheaper than traditional car body waxing manually.

To date, such a creative service is a novelty even for demanding to the quality of service of American motorists and has not yet become widespread. That’s why people who saw the photos made, it’s hard to believe that the frame is not involved in real lava.

In the comments, most of the web users wrote that they pinned their relatives and friends, convincing them that the car was actually lapped with volcanic lava.