The aerodynamic truck Shell was 2.5 times more economical than conventional trucks

The aerodynamic truck Shell was 2.5 times more economical than conventional trucks

June 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A run of the experimental truck Starship, built to order the oil giant Shell was completed In the United States . The tractor drove with cargo all over the country – from California to Florida, spending 2.5 times less fuel than conventional trucks.

The tractor was built by AirFlow Truck Company. The main feature is the aerodynamically adjusted shape. Cabin made of carbon fiber and nose plumage resemble the nose of a high-speed train, and the grille is closed by movable flaps, which open only when the engine temperature rises. Under the cab of the tractor are made aerodynamic channels through which the air is removed from under the bottom.

Specially prepared and semitrailer: its lower part is completely hidden by fairings, and behind it are mounted retractable flaps, which smooth out the air flow coming down from the roof and walls of the semitrailer. On the roof of the semitrailer there are solar panels with a total capacity of five kilowatts, feeding the electric system of the tractor.

The yagach is equipped with a Cummins X15 six-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 400, coupled to the 18-speed Eaton gearbox. At the same time, the third axis of the tractor is driven by an electric motor – it helps the diesel engine under severe conditions (for example, on an ascent). And when braking, he also stores energy in the traction battery. The rear axles of the tractor are “shod” in wide single wheels with reduced rolling resistance in place of conventional twin wheels.

The total weight of the tractor with the load was 33 tons (this is 28 percent more than the average for trucks of this class). Specific fuel consumption on the way from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic was 75.8 ton-kilometers per liter of fuel, compared to 30.6 for conventional tractors.